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Coaching chess came fairly easily to Mr. Vogel. Being the older brother of a chess prodigy, he had to deal with being the punching bag for his younger brother, Karl. Once Mr. Vogel entered college he was able to begin winning chess matches… in an odd twist of fate, being beaten up by his younger brother for all those years actually taught him how to play chess.


Beginning at Midway Elementary, and for three years there he coached an intra-school chess club that developed students who simply enjoyed the sport. The highlight was a live-streamed school chess championship game on every classroom TV throughout the school.


Moving to Evergreen Elementary and for nine years, Mr. Vogel developed a competitive chess team eventually constituting over 90 members and competing with local school in the first interscholastic competitions. In 2003 the chess team placed 11th at US Nationals in the U-800 section.


Moving to Northwood Middle School (for three years) the teams percolated along but never found traction as a competitive team.


Now at Spokane International Academy, the first year has seen extremely strong growth with over 50 students practicing weekly and two competitors qualifying for the Washington State Chess Championships.